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Aron Warren was attacked in his flat in Greenwich, a court heard

A teenager told a court how his friend was stabbed to death by an attacker demanding money and a PlayStation.

The witness said he was in Aron Warren’s south London flat when the 18-year-old was attacked by someone who had knocked the door on 8 December.

The Old Bailey heard the 17-year-old defendant, who cannot be named, was “envious” of Mr Warren’s lifestyle.

The defendant, from south London, denies murder, robbery and having a bladed article.

Prosecutor James Mulholland QC told the jury that after the stabbing, the defendant stole two large hunting knives in their sheaths and a fake Rolex watch from the Greenwich flat, which were recovered when police arrested him four days later.

Police also found an iPad in his bedroom which contained a photograph of the defendant wearing the watch, the court heard.

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A witness told jurors he was in Aron Warren’s south London flat when the 18-year-old was attacked

Giving evidence, the witness, who cannot be named due to his age, said he had been playing a computer game in Mr Warren’s flat.

He said after the person knocked at the door he heard Mr Warren groan and “saw a big knife with blood on it”.

“I stood up and he says to Aron ‘where’s your money?’,” he told the court.

The witness described how his friend fell backwards and managed to open a balcony door.

The person with the knife then turned towards him and told him to “pack up the PlayStation and put it on the sofa”, the witness told jurors.

In a “commanding” voice the attacker then told the witness to look for money, the court heard.

After searching cupboards in the kitchen and bedroom he said he returned to the front room, saw his friend on the floor of the balcony and the attacker said “call his ambulance now” and left the flat.

The trial continues.

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